Where To Put Your Deer Feeders: A Beginner’s Guide

Where To Put Your Deer Feeders: A Beginner’s Guide

Deer feeders have become popular accessories for wildlife lovers and hunters alike. These feeders attract deer to a location for viewing or hunting purposes. Feeders may be simple and homemade or the feeders might be large and durable with automatic feeders.

Some deer feeders even include rechargeable batteries or solar panels in order to time the feeds to specific times.

Tips on Where to Set-up Your Wildlife Feeder

Wildlife viewers or photographers may choose to place a deer feeder near the edge of the woods or a field in the backyard. Deer feeders can also be used as a tool to aid in hunting. A deer feeder can give the hunter the opportunity to observe the animals at the feeder and only hunt those that meet wildlife management criteria.

However, turkeys, birds, squirrels, mice, and bears might also attempt to use the feeders. It is important that hunters use varmint guards and feed pens so that the feeder does not attract animals other than deer. If guards and pens are not used, the hunter could hang the deer feeder with a stainless steel cable or tripod that is low enough for the deer to reach but high enough to dissuade other animals from eating the feeder contents.

Protect Your Deer Feeders

Whether you choose to feed wildlife or use the deer feeder for hunting purposes, it’s essential to be aware of the feeder’s surroundings. The feeder should be placed far away from breeding and feeding grounds for predators. The feeder should also be installed in an area free of dangerous plants or insects, inclement weather, or harmful natural features such as sharp rocks or cliffs.

The best place for the feeder is in an area that deer already frequent.

Putting the feeder close to busy roads, crowded housing developments, or frequented walking trails might result in the feeders going unused.

Quiet areas in the middle of the forest or at the edge of a field where deer tracks are frequently found are two of the best areas to put feeders. For hunting purposes, installing the feeder close to a trail camera can give hunters the best view of travel patterns and physical characteristics of the area’s deer population.

Once you’ve decided where you want to install your deer feeder, it is important to make sure to choose a high quality and durable feeder. Sweeney Feeders is one of the top providers of quality animal feeders. With a full range of high-quality deer feeders, finding the right feeder for every situation is easy.

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