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Scatter Feeder Complete Package – 300 lb. Capacity



  • Choice of finishes: Galvalume or Green
  • 300 lb. capacity scatter feeder (SFC300)
  • Premium Timer (DFT3REV8)
  • 12 Volt Battery (BT1245)
  • Hanging bracket (HB300)
  • Tripod Stand (TP300)
  • Winch set to adjust height of feeder (WS300)
  • Solar charger (SX112)
  • Varmint guard (VGS14)
  • Footset (FSTP)

Scatter feeder plus all the extras that make it the best varmint proof deer feeder on the

Made with high-quality, durable galvalume steel, each squirrel proof deer feeder comes equipped
with the scatterplate with swinging gates, precision brass shaft and custom-made,
built-in motor. The scatter feed covers an area of a 60 foot diameter circle.

Shipping Information

Our Scatter Feeder Complete Package ships in six packages. Dimensions (LxWxH:Weight) are the following:

  • Package 1: 34 x 23 x 23: 65 lb.
  • Package 2: 36 x 7 x 2: 15 lb.
  • Package 3: 22 x18 x 12: 43 lb.
  • Package 4: 26 x 20 x 3: 16 lb.
  • Package 5: 79 x 4 x 4: 27 lb.
  • Package 6: 79 x 4 x 4: 27 lb.

Varmint, Squirrel & Bear Proof Deer Feeder

A bear & squirrel proof deer feeder is one of the best investments hunters and wildlife enthusiasts can make. Some game feeders may work based on gravity or other mechanisms, but they are not reliable in the long term and do not offer the same evenness of spread as automatic varmint proof feeders.

If you already own a wildlife feeder, you are probably aware of your feeder’s number one enemy: squirrels. Hunters usually assume that raccoons cause more damage to wildlife feeders and while they do love to steal corn, they are not as destructive and difficult to deal with as squirrels.

Both raccoons and squirrels will try to eat as much corn as possible during the time the feeder is working, but squirrels and other varmints will also carry off corn to bury it and consume it later. Apart from eating all the corn they can get, squirrels will also damage a feeder by chewing on any exposed wiring or by trying to access the corn through the scatter mechanism.

Luckily enough, with a bear & varmint proof feeder, you won’t have to worry about those pesky squirrels eating away at your corn or damaging your feeder.

Our 300 lb. varmint proof deer feeder is constructed from high quality stainless steel, making it extremely durable in all types of weather. The 300 lb. model also features a 12 volt solar charger, the SX112, a pre-wired solar panel port, a heavy-gauge galvanized steel hopper, hanging bracket, tripod stand, a premium feeder timer, and a winch to adjust the height of the feeder – making our 300 lb. model one of the best varmint proof deer feeder on the market.

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 23 × 23 in



Premium, Basic