Deer Minerals – Why Are They Important?

Deer Minerals - Why Are They Important

If you live in a forested area, you already know that deer are an important part of the local wildlife. As such, providing them with the right nutrition through supplemental feeding or through the use of automatic deer feeder is essential for their health and wellbeing – especially in the winter months. Deer minerals are crucial for herd health and antler growth, so it’s worthwhile to provide your local deer with a safe and effective source of minerals.

Deer Minerals Benefits

Minerals are essential for the health, wellbeing and development of deer – they help support growth and provide them with the energy they need to survive and thrive. Minerals also strengthen the immune system, helping herds fight off disease and infection.

Apart from that, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and salt are essential to maintaining strong, healthy teeth and bones – while in the same time regulating the deer’s metabolism, as an added bonus.

Where to Place Deer Minerals?

You should place minerals in areas where deer are most likely to find them – such as nearby your deer feeders. Feeding areas, bedding areas, or close to their watering hole are also great places to put your minerals – keep in mind that the deer will need a drink after consuming the salt.

You should also keep note of any local predators, if any – place the minerals away from areas where the deer might be skittish, such as near a road for example. You should also avoid bike trails or hiking trails when placing your minerals, as the deer can get too scared if they sense human activity nearby.     


Deer minerals are an essential part of supplemental deer feeding, but when coupled with an automatic deer feeder, keeping your deer happy and healthy is 10 times easier. We carry a full line of Wildlife & Deer Feeders, Directional Pond & Lake Fish Feeders, Water Garden (Koi) Feeders, Aquaculture (hatchery) Feeders, Automatic Protein Feeders, Automatic Bird Feeders, and Livestock & Companion Animal Feeders. Contact us to learn more!

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