7 Easy Tips to Deer Hunting

Taking your first trip deer hunting can be exhilarating, but first-time deer hunters may not be aware of some of the tricks that can make or break your hunting trip. Here’s a list of the top hunting tips to consider when deer hunting that will make your first deer hunt a great one.

1. Don’t Take Practice Shots

Like the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Periodically taking aim and shooting your crossbow or firearm will help maintain your accuracy, but you have all the time in the world before hunting season to shoot a new rifle. When outdoors, any bump can throw off even the sharpest marksmen, so be sure to get practice sessions in before hunting season with the rifles you plan on hunting with.

2. Cover-up Your B.O.

Before you go on your hunting trip, be sure to shower with scent-eliminating soap and wash your hunting clothes in unscented laundry detergent. Also when deer hunting, be sure to wear light, breathable clothes, which will reduce sweat and body odor. Walking slow will also help to reduce body sweat and decreases the likeliness of you scaring off potential game.

3. Use Cover Scents

Once you’ve covered up your body odor, you can use a cover scent to further eliminate alarming scents for the deer. You have to be sure to use cover scents only once you’ve concealed your body odor, otherwise the cover scent will not work effectively.

4. Eliminate Noise

This starts with quality tree stands and wearing clothes that are not noisy. You can also wrap any metal zippers, buckles or buttons with electrical tape to eliminate any noise coming from your clothes.

5. Attack All the Senses

Targeting the deer’s vision, hearing and sense of small will give you competitive edge when hunting. Try to use scent-applications, decoying and calling strategies to optimize your hunting trip. Having different methods of approach will definitely serve as an advantage.

6. Plan Hunting Routes

Having a multiple strategic hunting routes will give you options if you suddenly spook deer or aren’t having much luck in one hunting area. Be sure to plan entry and exit routes as well. You can also prepare this area before hunting by clearing any noisy branches or clutter through these routes.

7. Remember Your Range

Stayed informed and aware of your shooting capabilities and the abilities of your firearm. This will help in accurately judging distance and knowing your limits. Don’t waste all the hours scouting and preparing for the hunt, only to lose your game because you missed a shot.

These are a some of the easiest and most useful deer hunting tips to make your first hunting trip the most memorable one. Be sure to read up and research the hunting laws and regulations in your area.

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